Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Beneficial Properties of Copper

For centuries, copper has been widely used for various applications in many industries. Its unique properties make it one of the most valuable metals ever discovered. This metal is the backbone of the world’s power generation infrastructure. The already large demand for it is expected to only increase with time. More dependable providers will be forced to produce more to meet the growing demand for copper in the solar energy and electronics industries.

Since copper is highly conductive, it is preferred for manufacturing components of electronic devices. Copper is also used for construction purposes; many building components such as roofing are made of copper because of the metal’s high corrosion resistance. Unlike iron that can immediately form rust as it makes contact with oxygen, copper passivates to counter the effect of oxidation. Passivation is the process by which the surface of a certain metal reacts to oxygen by forming a protective film rather than rust.

Alloys of copper and many other metals are also popular products. Copper mixed with other elements result in alloys that have industrial and commercial uses as versatile as ball bearings, mechanical components, and ornamental pieces.

For instance, bronze is the result of copper and tin being mixed; when shaped, this metal is used in musical instruments. Another kind of alloy is brass, which is copper combined with zinc; in use for thousands of years already, brass is employed in a wide variety of functions, including sculpture and indoor decoration.

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