Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Benefits of Copper: Creative Jewelry Ideas

Copper has always been known for its distinctive color. Whether it’s used in fixtures or in artwork, the metal has that uniquely lustrous appearance that makes those items eye-catching. It can also be combined with other precious metals and stones to make those accessories or décor valuable as well as durable.

Of course, the benefits of copper go beyond its striking qualities. It has excellent antimicrobial properties that help it kill bacteria and fungi upon contact. This makes the metal ideal for use as safety handrails in hospitals, as recently suggested by experts. It’s also great for cooking appliances to help with food safety.

Copper sheets and wires can be wielded into jewelry, too. When worn, copper can directly benefit the individual, especially in terms of health. Several people claim that it can help in replenishing the copper that your body needs for a healthy heart, immunity, and bones. It may also benefit people with joint pains caused by arthritis.

You can create virtually any type of jewelry with copper. You can create sophisticated collar necklaces or chokers from soldered copper sheets and wires and bangles, anklets, or even earrings with intricate patterns. You can craft watches with the metal as its base and elaborate bracelets with gemstones. Shades of jade, teal, and black go exquisitely well with the reddish-orange color of copper.

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