Thursday, December 11, 2014

Some Helpful Advice for Trumpet Manufacturers

There are many things to consider when manufacturing trumpets. Here are some helpful tips:

Prioritize Quality of Sound and Durability

Although technology has allowed for the creation of plastic trumpets, many professional trumpeters still prefer the ones made of high-quality brass sheet metal due to the better range of notes of the latter. Generally, this is something that is influenced by your manufacturing method.

As for durability, using a yellow brass channel (70-30 copper to zinc ratio) from an established supplier should go a long way to guaranteeing the longevity of the instruments you manufacture. If you do not want to use yellow brass, ask your supplier for other alternatives that work well with trumpets.

No Rainbows

As much as possible, you should try to retain the metallic finish of your instruments. While colorful or rainbow finishes can attract young children, many music instructors advise their students to stay clear from colorful trumpets (and other brass instruments) as the color scheme can hide corrosion and other manufacturing problems.

A metallic finish also offers a classic and elegant appeal. This is an important feature as children will typically use their first trumpet for three to four years, opening up the possibility of the learners outgrowing a colorful design.

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