Monday, August 24, 2015

Lock In Them Brass Pipes

When people think of brass, they often visualize the horn section of a marching band, or perhaps the metalwork in architectural designs. Do you know that brass can also be favorable as material on the plumbing front, such as square brass tubing?

Brass plumbing fixtures present no problems for drinking water. It resists corrosion effectively and it does not rust. In fact, brass is known to even possess anti-microbial properties. Studies conducted at the Center for Applied Microbiology and Research (CAMR) discovered that bacteria cannot survive for long periods on brass and copper surfaces, unlike in stainless steel.

In terms of cost evaluation, consumers often wonder why brass fixture fittings sometimes cost more than those made of other materials. However, the truth is they actually don’t, and even in situations that they do, the durability and dependability of brass make it well worth the few extra bucks. In addition, having solid brass plumbing fixtures would add to the value of a home should the owner decides to sell.

Metal wholesale suppliers will generally provide building contractors with various shapes and sizes of brass tubing that they may need for their projects. However their business requirements definitely exceed just getting the raw materials. Time is always of the essence, so they tend to streamline their choice of supplier to those who understand that.

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