Monday, August 17, 2015

Crafting Photo-etched Parts

The scale modelling world is filled with people who take a liking to crafting kits into true works of art, and even showcase the finished model at various events. In many cases, the finished piece even includes photo-etched brass parts to give the model kit added detail. When you are considering crafting some photo-etched brass parts of your own, you don’t have to look far for some brass for sale.

Required Materials

Photo-etching parts have a raft of equipment that must be accounted for when you get down to work. For designing the parts, you need a computer and laser printer with CAD program, a laminator, Mylar sheeting, and the brass sheeting of a certain thickness. Your seller may offer sheets roughly 0.015 inches thick.

Safety gear comprises safety goggles, apron, latex gloves, and baking soda. As far as chemicals for etching go, you need a special container filled with a mix of medical-grade hydrogen peroxide, muriatic acid, and water to neutralize the acid.

Down to Action
Proceed with designing and printing the parts sprue with the Mylar sheet. The trick is to have the design show up as black to guide you with etching the parts on the brass itself. Cut up the brass to fit the etching design and then dip it all in the etching solution before tracing it and stripping away the excess brass. Repeated dips into the etching solution will gradually shed away any excessive components.

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