Thursday, February 15, 2018

How to Assess Scrap Copper & Brass Sales Value for Recycling

Everyone knows that you can earn a bit of cash when you recycle plastic bottles and tin cans. These are the most commonly recycled items around the county, but the money earned isn’t very significant. What many forget about is the scrap copper & brass sales value when they are sold for recycling. These two metals are very valuable and many junk shops pay a good price to get your “trash” off your hands.

The Magnet Test

The first step into metal recycling is to know if what you have is a ferrous or non-ferrous metal. This is very easy to do with the help of a magnet. Simply bring a piece of magnet close to the metal to see if it sticks. If the magnet sticks, you have a ferrous metal, most probably either steel or iron which aren’t very valuable. However, if the magnet does not stick to the metal, you probably have a non-ferrous piece that can be worth a lot when recycled.

Two of the most valued scrap metals are copper & brass pieces. Here’s more information about the copper & brass recycling and how to take advantage of it:

Copper Scraping 101

Copper and brass are different in many aspects. First of all, copper is considered as a true metal and most copper pieces have the same composition: copper. Brass on the other hand is a type of alloy made with a mix of copper, zinc, and other compounds. Since copper scrap is pure, scrap yards put more value in them. In fact, they are the most valued and highly priced scrap metal all over the country. Read more from this article:

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