Friday, April 13, 2018

Square Brass Tubing—The Manufacturing Process

You see a lot of them in your home—under your bed, above the windows, along the stairway, and even around some of your furniture. Tubes play an important role in your home’s aesthetics and functionality. But have you ever wondered how such useful structural and decorative elements are made? Here’s a glimpse of the tube manufacturing process.

Strip Rolling

A thick metal plate is cut into strips with width that’s a little shorter than the desired diameter for the tube. The strips go through quality checks and prepared for rolling. Once fed into the rollers, their thickness are reduced, consequently increasing their width. Once the desired width is achieved, the edges are cut and prepared for welding.

Welding the Edges

The welding process depends greatly on the desired shape of the tube. To create a round tube, a metal strip is bent until both edges meet and a perfect circle is formed. If it’s square brass tubing, the strip has to be folded three times until four sides of equal length are formed. Then the open edges are welded to close the structure. Read more from this article:

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