Monday, February 15, 2016

Liven Up Interior Spaces With Brass Angles

Redecorating a client’s space as an interior designer can be fun and exciting. There are many ways you can do this and using brass angles is one of them.

Lining Up Window Glasses

Windows can actually be a source of something new when decorating a place. A bookcase-type window glass can be lined up with brass angles for additional elegance. Here, you can inspire a classic feel and touch.

Accent Your Kitchen

Brass angles can be used to accent linings in the kitchen. The best way to do this is by using it with a black background, which can easily provide some sophistication.

Using Linear Brass Angles

Adding depth to vertical surfaces of ornaments can be done with linear brass angles. This provides a minimalistic approach to key interior space designs. In fact, lining up with brass angles is actually a popular way to design key joinery items.

Accent Boxes With Brass Angles

Boxes can be a great addition to a client’s interior space. They can be placed at any space for added spice. But did you know that box corners can also be finished with brass angles? This is a great way to add detail and texture.
Brass angles can be used to liven up different spaces due to its classic look. The good news is brass angles are no longer limited to old, rustic-feel spaces. Many contemporary interior designers now pair it with modern, contemporary spaces for an added zing. 

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