Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Muntz Metal In A Nutshell

Muntz metal has been around since the 19th century. Thanks to developer George Fredrick Muntz, various industries were given a type of brass alloy that offers strength and affordability. Knowing its properties and uses will help you decide to use it for your projects. Here are a few important things you may want to know about this metal.


Muntz metal is a blend of copper (60%) and zinc (40%). Because it weighs light and is durable, Muntz metal has made a name in history. In fact, a lot of industries, particularly shipping, are using it. Muntz metal is also resistant to corrosion due to the small amount of iron in it.

Another good thing about it is its affordability. This metal costs less than the traditional copper, so if you need a durable, lightweight, and affordable metal, you may want to look into Muntz metal.


If you are looking for a reliable but high-quality metal to use for your door or door frame, Muntz metal might suit your project. Because it offers more rigidity, this type of metal provides structural tolerances that heavy projects requires. It is also good for heavy plate applications. Heat exchanger tubes and other industrial projects may also require the use of Muntz metal.

Understanding the characteristics and uses of Muntz metal helps contractors and builders in making practical decisions.. If you are still not sure, you may want to consult a reliable supplier in your area as they can determine whether this type of metal will be good for your project.

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