Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Make Kitchens Come Alive with Brass

Your kitchen does not have to be just a place where you cook your food and wash dishes. With the right design elements, you can transform it into a warm, bright space that your family and visitors would enjoy spending time in. If you are thinking about your budget, don’t fret: it doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul. You can start by adding design elements made of metal, such as copper, bronze, or even brass.

Jazz up Kitchen Hardware and Furniture with Brass

You might be surprised by how the little things can make the biggest impact. For instance, square brass tubing make excellent accents for kitchen furniture like chairs and tables. Open up areas with windows using brass protrusions as this metal has a special way of making light bounce around a room.

Replacing knobs and cabinet handles with brass material introduces a warm, golden tone to the area. Pair it with dark paint such as navy blue or a deep gray, and you have a visually-pleasing medley that is both elegant and homey.

Consider Brass for Your Countertops

Want to really commit to a distinctive look? Go all the way with brass countertops. Combined with wood, it is sure to be a conversation piece. You might also be pleased to know that the golden hues of brass eventually takes on a dark, brownish black patina, making them more luxurious as time goes by.

Brass is a versatile design material that many interior decorators love. If you want a gorgeous kitchen with a welcoming vibe, brass should be one of your top considerations when remodeling.

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