Monday, August 15, 2016

Copper and Brass Sales for Every Project’s Need

Contractors, architects, and interior designers are often on the lookout for copper and brass sales to be able to find the finest materials at the best prices. Knowing the properties of your material of choice will make it easier for you to get the best quality copper and brass for your needs.

For starters, copper has been used by man for ages. It has been the foundation of many buildings, monuments, and has been integral in machines that have shaped the world. Today, copper is used in various projects, from jewelry, to kitchen ware, plumbing, and more. Copper is said to be among the most ductile and malleable metals on the planet. Suppliers for this metal denote it by the name C110, or electrolytic tough pitch (ETP), which also means 99.9% copper. 

Brass is a binary alloy of copper that is very in demand. Primarily comprised of copper with varying percentages of zinc, brass is very resistant to heat damage as well as corrosion or weathering. Like copper, brass exudes attractive hues that make it an ideal material for design projects, furniture, and other architectural pieces.

With regards to reshaping or casting brass, the alloy has a low melting point, at about 900 degrees Celsius. When casting brass for fixtures like doorknobs and handles, usually the higher zinc content is better.

Some of the common brass varieties include cartridge brass (Alloy C260, 70% copper and 30% zinc), red brass (Alloy C230, 85% copper, and 15% zinc), and Naval brass (Alloy C464, 60% copper and 39% zinc with 1% tin). They can either be purchased as brass sheets, extrusions, rods, bars, and tubes of varied shapes.

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