Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Different Varieties of Brass for Sale

In ancient civilizations in Asia, brass, along with other alloys of copper and zinc, were recorded to have been used as early as the 5th century. At present, brass has evolved into numerous varieties or grades, each type having a special property that makes it ideal for application in certain industries.
When looking for brass for sale, buyers already have a particular measurement in mind. This is why brass suppliers will often keep stock of a multitude of dimensions for brass and other metals. They also offer custom cutting services for specific projects, whether it is for jewelry design, furniture making, or architectural work, so each piece of metal correctly serves its purpose.
Brass sheets may be made from Alloy C260 or cartridge brass, Alloy C464 or Naval brass, or Alloy C353 or leaded brass. These are highly machinable, meaning they can be shaped by equipment without causing extreme damage to the tools used. These sheets are often installed on windows or door frames.
Brass rods are often fabricated from Alloy C230 or red brass, and they may come in different cross-sectional shapes. Depending on the project, buyers can choose to get hexagonal rods, squares, half ovals, half rounds, as well as rectangular ones. These may be used to manufacture bolts, nuts, and other hardware parts.
Other varieties of brass for sale include brass extrusions, brass tubes, coils, channels, and more. If there is a particular type of brass you’re looking for, talk to a reputable metal supplier so you can get the correct specs to successfully complete your project.

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