Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Distinct Traits and Applications of Muntz Metal

Since 5th century BC, ancient Asian civilizations have been reaping the benefits of using copper alloys like brass. Brass has truly come a long way from serving an industrial purpose to being decorative and ornamental. At present, there are dozens of varieties of brass in the market, and among the popular ones being used by contractors and fabricators is Muntz metal.

A Brief History

It was in 1832 when Englishman George Frederick Muntz created a patent for this alloy. Being a metalworker, he found a strong alloy from copper that had a good use for ship making. It was initially installed as the linings on the hulls of boats.

At present, international standards denote Muntz metal by its alloy name, C280. The composition of this brass alloy is 60% copper and 40% zinc. In some varieties, there are minute traces of iron in the mix. This type of brass is ideal for hot working, like forging, pressing, and hot heading. 

Projects and Applications

Muntz metal is used in bolts and fasteners, particularly because it can be very rigid and strong. In architectural projects, large pieces of Muntz metal are installed as trims, panels, and as decorative accents. In terms of machine parts, this metal is used in condenser tubes and refrigerator components.

For contractors, architects, furniture makers, and interior designers looking for the best quality Muntz metal, finding the right supplier is key. Trusted and reputable suppliers for copper and alloys like Muntz metal should have a wide range of sizes available for the picking.

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