Thursday, September 22, 2016

3 Innovative Copper Projects for Home Remodeling

Copper and brass have been used for many centuries. Not only are they materials that look aesthetically striking, but they can also withstand the rigors of harsh environments. Even better, you can use them for interesting home remodeling projects, letting you be creative as an interior designer. 


Enhance walls by securing copper sheeting to them. Select thin pieces for this project because it makes the pieces easier to keep secured, whether you are using screws, nails, or adhesive products. You can hammer the pieces before applying them to the wall, which creates a distinct, industrial look.

Furniture Accents

Transform furniture pieces for clients by utilizing copper for their accents. It may be a trunk or a coffee table. Copper is ductile and malleable, two properties that make it easier to work with copper. You can quickly wrap copper sheets around the corners of tables.

Copper also vibes nicely with wood tones, helping you create an interesting fusion of an organic, industrial aesthetic for your clients.


As far as the kitchen goes, you can enhance this area by using copper sheets to form a backsplash. The texture has a glimmer and creates a lively effect in the kitchen, giving it a rustic feel.

There are different styles of copper to select from, so make sure you get help from a copper and brass sales supplier. With their guidance, you can choose materials that are high-quality and have the visual effect you are looking for.

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