Sunday, September 4, 2016

Why Muntz Metal Continues to be a Favorite in the Shipping Industry

People have been plying the seas for millennia now, proving that a sense of discovery is a hallmark of the human nature. Without this curiosity to know what lies beyond the shore, Columbus or Magellan would never have discovered the New World. Of course, crucial to this discovery are the ships that explorers use.

As with all technologies, as time went on, people refined the way they constructed ships to make them more cost-effective to build and to improve their seaworthiness. Towards this goal, one metal alloy proved to be breakthrough and continues to be widely used in the shipping industry: Muntz metal.

Muntz Metal 101

Despite its name, Muntz metal isn’t actually its own kind of metal; rather it’s a type of brass alloy. George Fredrick Muntz invented this alloy in 1832 in Birmingham, England by tweaking the copper and zinc content of this brass.

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