Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Creative Brass Projects for Fabricators

Fusing brass into your projects as a fabricator is great for many reasons, whether you are looking for durability or a stylish yellow alloy made of copper and zinc. Here are some projects that lend themselves well to brass tubing in particular. 

Bed Frames

Brass tubing has a structurally sound shape and it gives off an elegant luster, making it good to incorporate into bed frames. Cut pieces to your liking and then weld them together. The high glimmer creates a sophisticated look in the bedroom that your clients will surely appreciate each time they go to bed. Since the bed frame supports a lot of weight, make sure to select brass tubing that is thick. That way, you don’t have to worry as much about it bending and breaking.


If you are looking to spice up the bathroom area for clients, you can set up brass tubing around the shower area. Create a perimeter around the shower to give it a dynamic accent. Since brass is water-resistant, your clients don’t have to worry about their tubing changing colors or rusting over the years. You could also cut pieces of brass tubing to act as the curtain rod for the shower.


For clients that have awnings, you can combine brass tubing to go around the perimeter of their awnings. Not only does this create an elegant look outside, but it gives the awning some structural support as well. Save money and stress on these projects by finding a metal supplier who offers brass tubing. They’ll make sure your projects are completed without a hitch.

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