Thursday, July 7, 2016

How Brass Can Upgrade a Bathroom for Cheap

Designers may find it challenging to renovate an entire bathroom when the client only gives a very limited budget. A good designer would know, however, that there are simple ways to liven up the appearance of a bathroom without having to burn deep through the pockets.

One such way to pull off an elegant design but for cheap is to use brass. It’s not just pretty to look at; it’s actually very functional, too.

Bathroom Brass

Among the many reasons why brass is great for the bathroom—even for plumbing—is because it is corrosion-resistant. Unlike other types of metals, brass is not likely to soften or weaken over time even with hot water running through it, and has excellent conductivity, making your plumbing a lot more reliable and efficient.

Brass as a material is known to be highly resistant to extreme temperatures, so if it can withstand fire, then for sure hot water for your bath is not going to be a big deal for it.

Aesthetic Reward

On the design front, the reflective surface of brass helps give it that rustic, elegant appeal. That’s why even just a small touch of brass can already do wonders for the appearance of a room. This is why it’s perfect for designers who cannot afford to have a complete overhaul of the bathroom. Just a little brass—on the handrails or towel racks, bath fixtures and curtain rods—homeowners can soon be enjoying an elegant bathroom at less the usual cost.

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