Friday, July 8, 2016

Introducing Brass to New Manufacturers

Brass as a metal is among the most common and highly in demand material, thanks to its characteristics of versatility and strength, among many others. For this, it is no wonder that various industries, ranging from construction to art, manufacturing, and electronics all find some use of brass in one way or another.

Types of Brass

The first thing you have to know about brass in case you are going to use it is its composition. Technically speaking, brass is the resulting combination of copper and zinc. Depending on the percentage of combination of each element, you will get different qualities of brass. A typical brass composition, however, would have 67% copper and 33% zinc.

Brass Properties

What makes brass such a hot ticket item are its qualities of high malleability, lower melting point compared to other metals—which make it a lot easier to form into different kinds of shapes—as well as low friction. It also helps that it takes on a bright gold color, which makes it a viable substitute for actual gold. It looks the same without costing the same.

Quality Supplies

For those who would like to get into manufacturing, it is important that you find quality suppliers of brass materials so that you can get your full money’s worth. Those in construction, especially, would do well to ensure that they use only high quality materials so as to guarantee architectural and engineering integrity.

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