Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Role of Brass Channels for Interior Design

Brass channels are effective additions to building components because of their durability and flexibility. There are various forms that are readily available, which contractors can choose from, such as the C-channel, the J-channel, and the U-channel.

Brass channels can be used as a glass window frame. Not only will it be able to hold the glass firmly in place, it can also bring aesthetic warmth to the window. Perhaps the biggest advantage of using brass channels in window frames is that it is resistant to corrosion and the normal wear and tear. As such, even if it is exposed to weather elements, such as heavy winds or rain, it’s not going to become easily damaged.

The same application can be put in the context of sliding doors. A U-channel can serves as the roller guide that will keep the door panel firmly in its position. With it in place, the door can slide perfectly in its frame, without risk of becoming dislodged

It can also serve as accents to decorative pieces, such as handrails, lamps and other fixtures, and mirrors or frames.

Brass channels may be small in form, but it does not take away from the fact that it can certainly catch the eye. With just the right application, an interior design can easily become classy even with just a little touch of brass.

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