Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sculpting with Bronze Sheets and Bars? Here’s Some Art to Inspire You

Sometimes, it’s just easier to find a good set of tools and a quality supply of materials, rather than a good idea for a sculpture. Luckily, in this day and age, all it can take is a quick look around the internet – or your city – to gather ideas on how to sculpt bronze sheets and bars.

Here are three examples of bronze-based artworks you can find in New York City. Modern, whimsical, and ingenious, they could jumpstart your imagination and help you figure out what to create for your project.

The Ralph Ellison Memorial by Elizabeth Catlett, Riverside Park

This memorial to the novelist Ralph Ellison is essentially a giant rectangular sheet of bronze with a cut-out of a male figure at its center. It’s 15 feet high, 7.6 feet wide, and 6 inches deep. The figure represents The Invisible Man – the title of one of Ellison’s most famous works.

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