Sunday, April 16, 2017

Brass and Its Importance in Horse Equipment

Brass is copper alloy which can be more than just hinges, fasteners, or door knobs. Brass, easily recognized for its corrosion resistance and resilient properties, is a popular material that horse riders are truly thankful for. Find out how this alloy is used in equipment and more.

Tacks and Bits

Solid brass is used in rings and buckles that hold the harnesses and reins together. The bits, or the mouthpiece of the horse, also contain some brass parts. This alloy is the metal of choice because it is strong and does not rust or corrode easily compared to iron.

Plaques and Plates

Beyond providing aesthetic value to the rider’s seat of honor, brass saddle plates serve a purpose for easy identification. These plates are usually customized or monogrammed with the initials of the horse owner or rider. Even the horse halter and bridle may be labeled with a brass plate, bearing the name that distinguishes each equine from another. At the stables, horse owners also have customized plates engraved with the horse’s name, and these are posted at its designated stall.

Awards and Decorations

According to historical sources, the ancient Romans used to decorate their horses with brass plaques that adorn its harness. These parts are often engraved and carry the insignia of royalty or nobility. In modern-day horse racing, horse brasses can still be found, and they are not just for the horses, but are also collected as keepsakes by many aficionados.

If you would like to know more about the uses of brass, talk to the specialists in copper and brass sales. They have a wide array of gauges and sizes of metals to choose from. Whether you’re a horse lover, or simply looking for topnotch materials for your project, they can definitely help you out.

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