Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Designing Awnings Using Brass Materials

Awnings are often requested by homeowners as they provide shaded areas and they accentuate a property’s looks. If you’re trying to give your clients awnings that are truly unique, consider using brass material.

Colors of Brass

Not all clients want the same thing in an awning. Some prefer bright colors that stand out, while others want colors that are more subtle. Luckily, brass comes in many different colors that give you endless possibilities when designing awnings. Some of the more popular options include red, brown, gold, silver, bronze, and even a chocolate brown when brass is mixed with some magnesium.

When thinking about color choice for your brass, consider the current elements and structures already in the backyard. Using the same colors creates an aesthetic that flows and brings everything together. Or, you can use contrasting and multiple colors for a unique visual.

Built for Durability

A unique aspect of brass is that it’s extremely durable and resistant to corrosion, making it a great material for outside awnings. No matter what wet environments and extreme temperatures brass is exposed to, it will not corrode. You can therefore ensure clients quality looking awnings that hold up in any climate.

Additionally, there are some brass for sale that actually turns darker as time goes on, giving it an aged look with a lot of character. You can also order brass materials that are extremely thick, capable of supporting structures for a long time.

You can create great awnings for your clients, especially if you use a durable and versatile material such as brass.

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