Friday, April 7, 2017

Brass Square Tube Speaks to Your Creative Flair

If you aspire to infuse more creativity into your metal work, start using more brass square tubing for your projects. Not only is this material easy to find and affordable, but its qualities function superbly for a host of projects.

Floating Wood Shelves

One of the more novel interior designs continuing to gain appeal, the floating shelf emanates the exact dynamic its name implies. These shelves seem to float near walls. You can accentuate these additions even further by using brass square tubing as the base, supporting the wooden shelves.

Because of the gold-like eminence of brass, the shelves convey a premium look, without having to spend a fortune on material costs. Additionally, the gold colors contrast nicely with the wood planks’ finish, lending a sense of warmth into clients’ interiors.

Since these shelves usually hold a lot of weight, you need to select tubing that is thick. This way, your shelves are sturdy and can hold multiple objects at one time.

Elegant Light Fixtures

If you’re looking for a dynamic piece to enhance your clients’ homes, you can incorporate brass square tubing with pre-existing light fixtures. You can use the tubing to create a striking base that holds lights in place. As the light is shed, the luster emanating from the brass further enhances the atmosphere of any room. If you’re manipulating tubing to form unique base shapes, you need a metal that is thin and malleable, such as brass.

Your project options are never-ending if you start using more brass square tube, a material coveted for its high-end looks and economical price tag.

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