Saturday, April 1, 2017

How to Get Creative with Brass Angle

Metal workers have many great materials to work with. In terms of affordability and availability, brass angle is perfect and can be used for so many different things. Here are several projects in particular that are easy to complete when you rely on this material.

Furniture Borders

There may be pieces you’re working on that already look great, but need a few touch-ups. That’s where brass angle is useful because it works great when used as furniture borders. Featuring a square shape, this angle fits perfectly around corners so very little manipulation is required. You may need to cut different pieces to certain lengths, but that won’t be a challenge when you use metal snips.

You can also choose different thicknesses of brass angle depending on function. Visual pieces, for example, may require thin pieces while pieces you’re protecting structurally may need thicker brass angles. In addition, this versatile metal shows off an inimitable luster that accentuates your furniture pieces. Think of how it can add a little bit more character to a trunk, nightstand, or dresser.

Sculptural Pieces

Brass angle is a versatile material that is particularly easy to work with when you select thin pieces. Doing so lets you maneuver it in different directions, perfect for when you’re trying to sculpt unique pieces for clients looking for something original. You could craft distinct images or geometric shapes that stand out in any living room or dining area.

There are so many possibilities when you incorporate brass angle into your projects. It’s affordable, offers a striking design, and is easy to find when you source through the right metal supplier.

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