Monday, July 20, 2015

Brass Pipes and Fixtures Add Value to a Home

Brass has been used for centuries in the construction of structures and fixtures for residential homes. An alloy of copper and zinc, brass has seen wide use in both residential and commercial plumbing because it is a durable, malleable, versatile, corrosion-proof, and temperature-resistant metal.

The durability of brass means that once it is installed in a plumbing network, it will be resilient and will maintain its good condition for many years. Brass does not crack easily, nor will it degrade over time. In areas where piping is used for hot water distribution, brass is preferred because it will last longer than other metals. The durability of brass also means that brass fittings and pipes add value to a home.

In addition to its capacity to withstand high temperatures, brass has excellent conductivity, which means that when hot water is distributed through a home via brass piping, the water will maintain a higher temperature as opposed to water that is transported via other metals. Brass is also fire-resistant; it’s not uncommon for brass fittings and pipes to be the only things left of homes destroyed by fire.

Since brass is highly versatile, brass fittings and pipes can be purchased in just about any shape or size. Fittings can also be altered to meet the unique needs. Brass pipes come in a wide range of finishes including chrome, antique, lacquered, and polished brass. For these reasons, brass pipes and fittings are both utilitarian and decorative.

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