Thursday, July 2, 2015

Shiny and Strong: What is Muntz Metal?

One of the most versatile metal options that business owners and industrial leaders have to work with is Muntz metal. This is a popularly chosen type of metal, capable of providing professionals with a variety of advantages due to its unique properties, which make it ideal for applications such as anti-fouling and sheathing.

Muntz metal is a specialized type of alpha-beta brass that is made with 60 percent copper, 40 percent zinc, and a little bit of iron. It has been in use for decades, commercially available since 1832 for use in a wide variety of projects. The metal possesses a color that is like that of architectural bronze and it features several unique advantages that makes it an attractive option for constructions projects.

This type of metal is aesthetically pleasing when it is set in a variety of industrial applications, primarily due to its color. It is also relatively affordable, especially when compared to other metal options that feature the same strength and color. Additionally, business owners will be able to enjoy a more versatile metal that can lend its strength to many projects.

It can also be purchased in heavier gauge sheeting or plating. Muntz metal is much harder and stronger in comparison to other forms of brass as well. As with any such metal option, first time buyers are strongly encouraged to contact established distributors to learn more about what Muntz metal options they have for purchase.

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