Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Why Use Copper and Brass Alloys?

Within building and building materials, copper and brass are constantly recurring elements. Some may wonder as to why such is the case, but the answer tends to be a simple one: versatility!

What are common uses for brass and copper?
Most builders, carpenters, and even do-it-yourself folks are well-aware of the many uses of these metals. One of the main uses within building is piping, as brass piping is strong, resists corrosion, and can also be quite decorative. It provides a distinctive appearance in its colors and texture. Further, brass has a low friction tendency and also has solid acoustic traits. While copper also has a unique appearance, it can sometimes fend off bacteria, which makes it a fine addition in some products, such as air conditioning systems, while brass can be utilized in plumbing and decorative railings within a home or business.

How "user friendly" are these metals?
Within history, copper was actually one of the first metals discovered, and as such, its appearance and use in construction in both homes and commercial properties are nearly boundless! It has been used to help create tools, build structures, and functions as an integral part of many differing items, including electrical systems and air handlers.

Bronze, too, is quite versatile, and since it also contains copper itself, it is easily malleable and can add color choices, such as red and gold, if it should be desired as part of a given project. Depending on the copper and zinc content of the brass, it may provide differing capabilities for temperature handling, which can be a factor depending on how and where it is used and its durability in a location.

Reviewing both of these metals and determining their best placement at a residential or commercial property can add a distinctive look and quality to any construction!

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