Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Many Uses of Bronze Sheets, Tubing, and Rods

Bronze is an innovative alloy that consists of copper, tin, and other metals. Although primarily composed of copper, the other substances used to create the alloy lend bronze more hardiness and strength than copper alone. As such, it has become a popular material for creating sheets, tubes, and rods that are used in a variety of production industries.

In architecture, bronze is used for ornamental trims, weather stripping, screen cloth, etching bronze, and grill work. It is also used to make builders' hardware. Kick plates and other hardware used in the building industry are often manufactured from bronze materials.

Bronze sheeting, tubing, and rods are used in a variety of consumer products as well. For instance, they are utilized to create the housing for lipstick compacts, costume jewelry, caskets, lipstick cases, ball point pens, chain links, and much more.

Of course, bronze is also used in the electrical industry, mostly in wave guides, rotor bar, AC motors, and cable wraps. In fact, many fasteners are made from bronze. Screw shells, bolts, rivets, screws, and various other types of fasteners are oftentimes made of bronze alloys.

In the industrial industry, bronze is usually used as the base for vitreous enamel, escutcheons, flexible tube, studs, and screen wire. It is even used in the marine hardware industry. Much marine hardware is composed of bronze because of its resistance to rust and the elements. Boat-building and boat restoration experts typically request bronze materials, too.

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