Monday, July 20, 2015

Uses of Brass Square Tubes in Various Industries

As their name implies, brass square tubes are square-shaped tubes of metal. They come in various diameters and lengths to accommodate a wide variety of projects, and they are used in numerous industries.

Brass is generally an alloy of copper in which the other major component is zinc. Brass is known for its strength and electrical conductivity, thus making it suitable for virtually any application. 

Some of the most common uses for brass occur in the residential and commercial home construction industries, where the material is used for stair handrails, doorknobs, clocks, and more. While some brass is used for the internal, unseen components of homes and buildings, other brass square tubes may be used for decor purposes. For instance, some brass square tubes may be incorporated in chairs or table legs to give a grand or industrial look, depending on how it's executed. 

Automotive and trucking companies utilize brass square tubes inside their vehicles, and equipment, refrigeration, and other manufacturing industries use brass square tubes for structural purposes as well. 

Brass square tubes can be customized by engraving them with company logos or anything else that businesses want in order to meet their needs. Additionally, brass square tubes are highly resilient, possess high machinability, and are highly resistant to corrosion, making them ideal for the plumbing and marine industries.

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