Thursday, September 24, 2015

Brass: Going the Extra Mile for Flair

Many people experienced in handling metals concur that brass has a wide variety of useful applications, such as construction and automobiles. Are you aware of the many uses of brass in everyday life?

Renowned home improvement expert Martha Stewart jokingly referred to the alloy as poor man’s gold. Though relatively an inexpensive metal made up of zinc and copper, the statement belies the fact that brass is tough, impervious to rust, and can be forged into a variety of forms and designs.

Today's brass is no longer the shiny metal that homeowners furiously tried to eliminate from their homes. Instead of the lacquer of the past, modern brass features a rich, vintage patina, or at least the promise to develop one over time, and are now seen on more contemporary furniture shapes. Whether it is used as a statement piece in a plain space or arranging an assortment of brass accessories on a mantel, they help liven up a neutral room.

With the demand for nickel and chrome almost at its breaking point, brass is returning to the vanguard of the design world. It is effortlessly timeless, warm, and inviting and it would seem that more and more people are rediscovering just how beautiful and desirable it is. Incorporating it in a room design is like capping the d├ęcor with an incredible jewel. Perhaps that’s the reason people are easily drawn to it.

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