Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Best Techniques to Bend Square Brass Tubing

Square brass tubing can be used for many applications, from the creation of musical instruments to making elegant picture frames. In many of these applications, you will need to bend the tubing in order to create your finished product. These techniques can help you achieve the best and longest lasting results for your project.

Annealing is the most popular way to bend square brass tubing. In this process, you wear long protective gloves that are resistant to heat. You will then hold square brass tubing over a heat source, such as a gas burner or propane torch, until it becomes bright red. Next, you put the brass tubing into cold water. The tubing will develop a blackened area. To make the desired bend in the tubing, insert a thin wire a few inches longer than the piece of tubing through the tubing's opening. By pulling on the wire, you create the desired curves. When you're done, pull the wire out.

Hand Tools
If your square brass tubing is thin enough, some hand tools may be strong enough to bend the material into the shape you desire. A pair of pliers from your toolbox can be used to grasp one end of the tubing and create angles. Use a pair of rounded head pliers and wrap the tubing around the nose to create tight curves, complex shapes like "W"s and circles in your lengths of square brass tubing.

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