Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Uses of Brass Angles in Home Design

Brass angles are a form of brass metal typically used in architecture. A brass angle is distinct from other shapes of architectural brass in that it has flat sides that form a right angle. They can vary in exact shape, length and color depending on their construction and the exact type of brass used.

Brass is a versatile metal alloy composed of varying amounts of copper and zinc. This makes it different from its closest cousin, bronze, which is an alloy of copper and tin. Brass tends to be lighter and more yellow in color, making it more like gold than copper. This allows brass to give a luxurious golden appearance to fixtures without the exorbitant cost. The alloy is superior to either two metals individually because it is stronger than pure copper but retains a desirable appearance.

The high corrosive resistance of brass allows it to be used in various architectural designs where moisture exposure is highest. This makes brass angles especially suitable to bathrooms where it can make the trim or edging on floors, paneling, cabinetry or showers. It is superior in many ways to stainless steel or aluminum as an edging for glass standing showers.

Brass angles may be used in a variety of other architectural applications as well. Homes are filled with edges and joints where two surfaces meet. Brass angles may be used where floors meet walls or along the edges of cabinets or nooks where appliances are installed. A brass angle may provide a more luxurious style than wood trim or edging, especially in homes that have other metal fixtures, hardwood or tile flooring or similar complimentary elements and colors.

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