Friday, November 20, 2015

Brass And Its Many Uses

Brass tubing has traditionally been used for hardware purposes, but recently many creative designers have discovered that this fantastic metal can be used to help create unique and interesting pieces around the house. If you're wondering what can be done with brass tubing then stay tuned because this article will go through some of the new uses that are being found for this great metal.

Interior Design
A popular new design that is becoming popular is using brass tubing to create geometrical designs around the house, or even in jewelry. This blog shows one person's example of taking multiple brass tubes and bending them into a unique shape for a lighting fixture.

Other people are using brass tubing to create unique old-fashioned yet modern looking fixtures with brass tubes like this lamp that has an old industrial feel to it. With brass tubing, a cheap light fixture, and interesting bulb anyone can create a great new piece of furniture for their home.

Others are finding smaller brass tubing is perfect for jewelry. Following the trend of geometric shapes, jewelers are finding that small diameter brass tubing provides a good template for creating geometric designs. Sites like Etsy are showcasing the creativity that many artists are finding with this great metal. Designs range from a simple chain with a bent tube to complex mixtures of brass and other metals and gems to create a masterpiece.

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