Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Using Brass Square Tube in Furniture and Lighting

The name brass applies to alloys that consist of primarily copper where the secondary metal is zinc. Brass is used in many applications as it is strong, conducts electricity well and can be polished easily.

Brass square tube can be cut, bent, and formed. It is rust resistant, making it an ideal material in many applications that must tolerate water, such as umbrella stands. Brass square tube offers excellent strength and is lighter weight than many other metals or alloys. Thus, using it in the creation of household items offers homeowners a unique and functional piece of movable furniture.

Soldering and MIG or TIG welding are also possible when working with brass square tubing. However, in addition to general safety concerns when handling hot metal, great care must be taken when welding any material containing zinc to confirm adequate ventilation for the safety of the welder and anyone nearby. In addition, when soldering brass tube of any shape, the thickness of the tube may impact the ability to raise the internal temperature high enough to get a good seal.

Brass square tube offers a unique touch to light fixtures. Because it is strong and lightweight, it's a great choice for applications that require additional bracing and support. Because it can be polished, etched or chemically treated the structural members of any light fixture need not be shaded or shrouded, but can be left visible. This expands the abilities of the light fixture, as shades become an enhancement, not a requirement to cover the structural features of the light fixture.

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