Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Identifying Bronze, Copper, and Brass Products

If you are going to shop for bronze, copper, or brass, you really need to be able to tell one from the other. Unless you know the differences, it can be easy to confuse them. A good salesman of these items will naturally be of assistance with such matters. However, you should go in to these matters with at least some sort of knowledge of the materials you seek.

One reason is that a salesman could tell you anything and you wouldn’t know whether or not it’s true. One of the primary mutual characteristics is that all three have a different shade of rusty brown.

Bronze might be described as the most masculine of the bunch. It is by far the darkest rusty brown. Unlike copper and brass, bronze has almost no shine. Copper is a lighter but still dark rusty brown. It is a very durable substance but also the most flexible of the three. and brass is the lightest rusty brown of the three.

In addition, brass is also the shiniest, most refined, and only magnetic of the three. It is these elements that make it the most feminine of the three. However, although it is magnetic, the magnetic strength is not very strong. Still, you can tell the difference because the other two will not be attracted by a magnet in the slightest. If you do not know about these differences, it can still be difficult to get an exact read on that color.

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