Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Easy Bathroom Upgrade Ideas with Brass Fittings

Remodeling sections of a home can be a big concern for homeowners, mostly because of the cost that it entails. Professional designers and contractors offer a practical solution to this issue: prioritize bathroom renovations.

Clients may think that it runs contrary to the goal of improving their home’s aesthetic appeal. However, the key is in making them understand that for cases when budget is tight, it is often a great idea to start with the bathroom. Not only is it smaller compared to other sections of the house, but it is also often easier to fix.

More than this, it also doesn’t take that much to spruce up its look. Unless there are serious plumbing issues or tiles for replacement, it is not hard to change it up.

Simple Switch, Major Impact

A simple trick that interior designers do to add a touch of sophistication to the bathroom is to replace the fittings with brass elements. From the doorknob to the faucet, to the towel racks and handrails, the soft glow of brass can liven up what used to be a basic bathroom.

Not only that, but brass fittings can also give you the most bang for the buck. This durable, versatile metal does not only look elegant, but are also more budget-friendly compared to others. Real estate experts agree, too, as they consistently name bathroom renovations to be among the easiest ways to increase the value of one's home.  With brass fittings, designers can have an easier time with the job of livening up a bathroom in no time at all.

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