Friday, November 20, 2015

Many Varieties and Uses for Brass Square Tubing

Brass square tubing has a wide variety of uses that range from creating simple signs to making some musical equipment parts. The tubing, being brass, is corrosion resistant and durable. It is easily soldered to create strong joints for whatever purpose you need it for.

Square brass tubing is being used in multiple manufacturing applications. One of the most common uses is fabricating custom signs that require a certain level of artistic appeal. It is also very good for furniture applications as well.

Once brass is cleaned and polished it creates a beautiful mirror like reflection but brass can also allow for a rustic appearance that is desired for some artwork and signage. A piece of artwork that took only hours to create can be conditioned to look hundreds of years old in just a matter of days. The most common uses for brass square tubing is in the home. It is used for stair handrails, door knobs and some other un-seen home applications.

With it being easily engraved it is one of the most versatile metals available. It comes in many different forms such as round tubing, square tubing and in full sheets. All of these offer different sizes and thickness to suit whatever your imagination can create.

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