Thursday, September 17, 2015

Working with Brass Stock and a Solder

Brass carries a whole raft of options when you’re up for some arts and crafts work. Introducing them personally to a solder is one of the more effective ways to bring parts like a tube or brass angle, together. When you’re getting down to business with metal stocks and a solder, there are a number of things to keep in mind.


A firm hold may be possible if all the brass parts were already cut up and cleaned prior to attachment. For example, if you’re preparing to assemble a special frame made of brass angles to house a candle, it pays to make the layout and test fit the parts. Clean up the parts, especially the contact points, with metallic products, such as sandpaper, as any debris may complicate the solder. This will make the surfaces coarse enough for the flux.

Fusing In

With the flux already in place, prepare your solder and soldering iron. The solder must be already pointed at the brass joint that needs bonding. The soldering iron will then heat part of the solder for a few seconds and should be removed to let the solder flow into the gap for full sealing. Excess solder can be heated then removed using a wick.

Making brass crafts out of solder can be seen as a step to better creativity. The heat-absorbing abilities of brass can make it happen.

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