Sunday, September 20, 2015

Get Protection From Lightning with Help from a Copper Sheet Supplier

Storms are often the bane of television station and boat operators, especially with the threat of damage from lightning strikes. TV station towers and boats’ electronic components are susceptible to lightning strikes, but copper in various forms can help mitigate and even prevent lightning damage. A copper sheet supplier offer coppers in the right specification to help protect against lightning. Lightning and Television Stations The television stations serving South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa, namely KPTH and KMEG, transmit over 1,000-kW from a single 1988-foot tower, a lightning-prone target. The National Weather Service estimates that the area hosts over 50 thunderstorms annually, and two instances of lightning almost devastated the tower. Compared to other incidents, the hits that the tower sustained in June 2001 and September 2003 were reported to be stronger, with enough energy to incur damage to two reinforced concrete anchors.

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