Monday, May 8, 2017

How Designers Can Attach Brass to Other Materials

If you’re a designer who works with brass and other materials on a regular basis, you may be wondering about the options available for securing two pieces of your work together. Following are some of the most popular ways designers can secure their brass projects.


This method is suitable for attaching two pieces of brass together. While it’s easiest to solder two straight edges together, like two edges of a brass square tube, soldering can be used to secure any two pieces of brass together.

To solder two pieces of brass together, secure them so that the edges are touching where you want them to connect. Apply your soldering iron to this area, along with your filler metal, and allow the filler to melt over the join.

Metal Glue

It’s possible to glue brass to other materials, such as wood or plastic, though this method is best used on art-and-crafts projects rather than furniture and large scale designs. Make sure you select a glue that doesn’t expand and isn’t brittle. Glue such as Polyepoxide may be best. For ideal results with glues, try roughing up the edge of the brass to provide more texture, which enhances the firmness of adhesion.


Welding differs to soldering in that a filler metal is not used. This method will work on larger brass projects, but it isn’t the most precise way to bond. Because brass melts at a very high temperature, you need a blowpipe or electric arc when welding.

If you need a new supplier to help you source suitable brass, contact a reputable brand for advice.

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