Wednesday, May 24, 2017

These Projects Work Well with Square Brass Tubing

Brass square tubing expands your creative options as a furniture designer. Because of its square shape and distinct luster, this tubing works exceptionally well when incorporated into the following furniture pieces.

Storage Shelves

Since brass square tubing is already square-shaped, it affords you an easy time of fashioning pieces together to form storage shelves. The thicker the tubes, the more weight said shelves will support.

By radiating a vibrant shine, the brass in your client's storage shelves waxes a high-end appeal. The main difference being: You need not spend a fortune and brass tubing is relatively easy to find once you find a supplier online.

In addition, other materials can work well when coupled with brass, including wood planks or even glass for a modern look.

Bases for Tables

You can create show-stopping tables for clients when you rely on brass square tubing. These pieces work particularly well when used as the base, since the square shape features smooth, even sides that prevent tables from tipping.

The gold-like appearance exuded by brass contrasts nicely with a wide variety of wood types for the table’s top. You also enjoy many design options when using tubing and can cut it to form specific shapes and directional angles.

Whatever projects you complete for clients using brass tubes, make sure you have plenty of materials to work with by finding a reputable seller. Talk to your supplier about square brass tubing properties if you’re not sure which tack you should pursue for your client's project.

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