Monday, May 22, 2017

Unique Attributes of Muntz Metal Find Favor

With a chemical composition of 60% copper, 40% zinc, and a hint of iron, muntz metal is winning favor in an increasing number of architectural and design industries. This shouldn’t be surprising, given the unique properties and benefits it provides.

Distinct Appearance

It’s hard not to notice muntz metal, known for its yellowish appearance. Because it’s vibrant and distinct, architects and interior designers are incorporating it into custom-made fixtures and door hinges for a posh look that’s difficult to replicate.


Muntz metal, or yellow metal, serves as a vital component in corrosion-resistant machine parts. Because of its durability, architects and designers rely on this material for projects that warrant a long-lasting design.

No matter how much water or extreme weather it encounters, muntz metal retains its beauty and structure. For this reason, it is a great material to use for outdoor projects that are continuously exposed to harsh conditions.

Environmentally Friendly

This material was once widely sought after in the shipping industry. It was used to replace copper, which tends to leach into water and poison nearby organisms.

Muntz metal possesses no such characteristics and is therefore an eco-friendly material to use in a marine environment. Whether it’s used on door frames, architectural panels, or hardware, this material retains its form and contains no toxic chemicals or substances.

The varied applications and unique composition makes muntz metal a popular option in many industries. Use it anytime you want to create distinct pieces, designed to last for years.

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