Monday, May 1, 2017

Use Brass Angles to Add Interest to a Room’s Decor

Interior designers constantly face the challenge of creating intriguing spaces for clients—spaces that stand out from previous projects. While your head may be full of quirky ideas, there comes a point at which you may feel stuck for a design solution.

Why not use brass angles within your designs to both pull a look together and provide a practical solution to your edging?

The Practical Application of Brass Angles 

Not all edges within a room merge perfectly, especially when dealing with square columns or spaces with a sloped ceiling. If golden colors dominate your designs overall, a brass angle finish can break the mold while achieving a more seamless look.

Add a trim of brass angles to any right angle within the room, or use it to highlight a feature wall. Use brass screws so that the color of the design continues to flow.

Where to Use Brass Angles in a Project 

Because brass angles come in any design or style, they work within any room of a home. Living spaces and bedrooms may suit a more elaborate pattern, while plain angles work best within a kitchen or bathroom. As trim, these angles serve a practical solution in such spaces because of the anti-corrosive and durable properties in brass, excellent for indoor environments constantly exposed to water.

If you’re interested in integrating brass angles for your client’s next project, contact a reliable supplier for more information on the options available to you. They’ll help you source a size and thickness of brass angle that matches your criteria.

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