Thursday, May 4, 2017

Is Business Dormant? Start Stocking Brass Tiles

If your tiling business is noticing a lack of interest from customers, it may be time to enhance your selection of tiles. Clients never cease looking for the next innovative product. Place your company above the competition by supplying brass tiles instead of more traditional designs.

 What Makes Brass a Suitable Material for Tiles?

The antimicrobial property in brass proves especially advantageous for tiling because of brass' ability to kill microbes and bacteria coming in contact with the tile. The benefit is twofold: While it means bacteria will not break down the structure of the tile, it also means harmful microbes won’t live on the tile if when splashed by foods or liquids, including water. Clients using tile, especially food services and health-related facilities, appreciate the sanitary ramifications inherent to brass tiles.

Brass is also very durable, so any tile you install in a customer’s home will last a long time and resist any damage. Brass also comes in a variety of colors, from silver to a deep burgundy red, enabling it to match almost any home’s aesthetics.

Creating Desirable Designs  
Customers will expect to see variety in the brass tiles you offer. Therefore, try to develop multiple designs. Some people may prefer a large, plain tile, which will suit modern and industrial themes. Alternatively, experiment with shapes and arrange very small pieces of brass into designs across one tile. This adds texture to an otherwise simple space and works eloquently in geometric designs.

If you’re looking for brass for sale for your tiling business’ next venture, contact a trusted supplier for help in sourcing the right product for your designs.

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