Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Use of Copper in Saxophones

As an instrument maker, you may be familiar with using brass to create your saxophones. However, you may have considered branching out into other metals like copper, but be wondering if this is a possibility. The truth is that this is an easy thing to do.

The Sound Quality Debate

Unlike in brass instruments, where material really matters, saxophones can be made from a variety of materials, as they are a woodwind instrument. Various researchers have conducted experiments into how material affects the sound quality of woodwind instruments, and this has shown that while there is a small difference, only the player would notice and not the listener.

Some players may prefer the slight sound difference a copper saxophone brings, and they’ll almost certainly appreciate the color options available to them.

Aesthetic and Practical Features of Copper

Even if you choose to continue making the full saxophone body from brass, you can use copper for small accents such as trims and buttons to add interest to the design.

As copper has many of the same properties as brass, including being antimicrobial, anti-corrosive and durable, there’s no reason why you can’t interchange the two in your instrument designs as you see fit.

A reliable copper and brass sales company is a great source of information about different metal alloys and what they’re used for. Call them to discuss your project and the specifications of the metal that you need.

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