Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Why Medal Makers Should Continue to Use Bronze

If you own a business creating medals and other bronze objects, you’ve likely had significant experience working with the metal. While you might be considering branching out into other metals, the truth is that bronze will always be a reliable material to use.

The Historical Use of Bronze Medals

Commonly known as the lowest place of the triad in the Olympic games, bronze medals were first known to be awarded in ancient Greece. The choice of the metals are thought to have come from the five ages of man: the golden age, silver age and bronze age being the first three.

Not just used for Olympians, bronze medals are awarded in many sporting events. Depending on the status of the recipient, military medals have also historically been made of bronze. Although uncommon, more recently the recipients of scientific prizes have also been gifted bronze medals.

Create a Lasting Award

But why bronze specifically? Well, the answer lies in its properties. Bronze is very ductile, meaning it can be reformed and stretched without losing its great strength. If you design medals using bronze sheets, this will allow you to stamp freely without concern for the material breaking. Or, if you create your medals by casting them in molds, you’ll appreciate how bronze expands slightly when it solidifies. Every medal will be formed to take advantage of every design detail.

If you need a new bronze supplier, contact a reliable company to confirm they can source the specifications of metal you need for making medals.

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